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Special Topics

These articles, written by Antioch Group clinicians, cover a wide range of topics offering up-to-date information and personal encouragement in difficult times. Users of these materials agree that the information is supplementary and not meant to be used in place of therapy. The Antioch Group is not liable for the results derived from the use of these materials.

Title of Article Description
About Sexual Addiction Sexual addiction is a harmful trap that can affect an individual’s entire life. Learn how The Antioch Group uses a combination of therapy and resources to begin the process of healing from sexual addictions.
Children Can Still Prosper Emotionally/Socially When Families Face Financial Challenges Economic difficulties affect not only adults, but also children. Learn how you can be aware of the signs, as well as how to help your children cope with uncertain times.
Couldn’t We Use Some Stability? Learn how to find stability and strength through God’s word in an era of economic and political uncertainty.
Financial Crisis, Job and Economic Uncertainty: Preparing to be Hardy in Hard Times Psychological hardiness is the characteristic that can keep you calm in difficult times. Learn how you can gain skills to increase your level of hardiness and to help you cope with the stresses of life.
Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World Creating a wise plan for success in life can assist us in finding balance in this unbalanced world.
Hate Crimes: First Facts Learn about the prevalence of hate crimes, their psychological and behavior effects, and what can be done to treat and support persons who experience them.
Keeping It Together When Your Parents Are Freaking Out Learn what you can do as a teenager to help out and keep your cool when parents seem to be “freaking out” about money.
Recommended Reading for Men A 12-month reading program for personal growth as a: Man of God, Husband, and Father.
Recommended Reading for Women A 12-month reading program for personal growth as a: Woman of God, Wife, and Mother.
Spiritual Healing from Traumatic Stress In addition to the physical and psychological effects that can result from Traumatic Stress, spiritual concerns almost always arise. Learn how to be aware of these components and how to have hope in the face of a trauma.
Skills for Handling Stress and Strain in the Long Haul The following articles were originally written to help those who were affected by the tornados that hit the central Illinois area in November 2013. More content was added during the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020. The skills described here can be beneficial for anyone who is dealing with stress and strain in their lives.
Learning how to Cast: Anxiety, Care, and Worry The Lord has prepared us for the current reality we now face. Learn how.
Helping Couples Cope during the Pandemic Ideas adapted from the Doherty Relationship Institute, The Hope Couples Project, and The Gottman Institute to help you cope during this time.
Psychological Balance During COVID-19 Teaches you how to stay safe and strengthen your (and your children’s) mental health during the COVID-19 outbreak.
Three Essential, Highly Portable Tools for Becoming Resilient in the Face of Stress and Strain Teaches you how to do simple exercises throughout the day that help your nervous system go from “high gear” to “recovery mode,” thereby reducing the overall stress load on brain and body.
Resiliency, Strain, and Your Brain What exactly is strain, and how can you build resiliency to it? Identifies risks to mental and physical health that can result from long-term stress—and suggests healthy responses.
From Strained Brains to Resiliency: Three Quick Lessons in Brain Function Knowledge that is crucial to have about how your brain communicates with itself and the body during prolonged stress. This learning prepares you to use “skills for the long haul.”
Focused Mindfulness Exercises Seven exercises which, when practiced regularly, enhance “neuroplasticity,” the brain’s amazing ability to form new connections that help us adapt and reduce strain. This works at any age and in any stress condition.
There is also an Link to Focused Mindfulness Exercises audio audio version of these exercises.
Christian Mindfulness: Practising the Presence of God Christians of all denominations have long practiced this form of focused mindfulness. Our article gives Scriptural references and Christian traditions for this important practice.
The Importance of Developing A “New Normal” in the Wake of the Tornado Details how to temporarily “redefine” normal by substituting a sense of time (i.e., develop healthy daily routines) for a sense of place, if one’s home was damaged or destroyed.