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Communication Enrichment Exercises

The purpose of these communication exercises is to provide a structure to initiate and maintain positive communication at a relatively close intimate level. The topics/questions are framed for spouses to respond in a totally positive manner to each other.

As a couple gets more comfortable with doing these exercises, positively framed questions/topics of a more specific nature can be developed by the couple that deals with the unique aspects of their relationship (i.e., pertaining to romantic sexual love, mutual support dealing with children, aging parents, etc).


  1. Choose a topic/question either by mutual agreement or by alternating selection of topic/question.
  2. Write for 15 minutes in topic/question.
  3. Exchange what you have written with spouse.
  4. Talk about and elaborate on what you have written—dialogue.

Suggested frequency

The more frequently such dialogue occurs, the more likely will be the success/outcome of enriched communication. At least one a week is needed, but 2 to 3 times a week is preferred.

Suggested Topics

What am I thankful about in our relationship?

What makes it worthwhile to spend time with you?

What would I be like without you?

How (in what ways) is being your spouse important to me?

What are the most important lessons I have learned from you?

What do I see as beautiful in you?

How do you bring the meaning, purpose, and happiness to my life?

What are the things you do that make me happy?

What makes me want to love you?

What do I enjoy about being with you?

In what ways have you helped me to be more complete as a person?

What makes me proud to be your spouse?

How do I want to express my love for you?

What was it that initially drew me to you?

What continues to draw me to you?

What did I experience when I first met you?

What are my hopes and dreams for myself?

What are my hopes and dreams for us as a couple?

What do I value in you that cannot be readily seen by others?

How do I value you?

In what ways do I show that you are important to me?

What makes you important to me?

What are my thoughts about making love to you?

What about you helps me feel close to you?

What do I thank God for about you?

What do I value in you that can be readily seen by others?

What do I miss most when you are gone for a long period of time?