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Handouts, Links, Special Topics, etc.

Information about many topics has been compiled by our therapists. Users of these materials agree that the information is supplementary and not meant to be used in place of therapy. The Antioch Group is not liable for the results derived from the use of these materials.

Informational Handouts

Browse through our supply of informational handouts, compiled by Antioch Group clinicians, providing practical application, questionnaires, simple techniques and useful suggestions covering a broad array of topics.

Special Topics

These articles, written by Antioch Group clinicians, cover a wide range of topics offering up-to-date information and personal encouragement in difficult times.

Healing, Hope and Restoration

Howard Love, LCPC, CSAT, CMAT and Tiffany J. Mack, NCC, LCPC, CADC talked about issues and answers in Christian mental health each week on WPEO AM 1020 radio for several years. Although no longer being made, you may browse our archives for some of the previously aired shows.

Links to Additional Resources

Below is a list of links and resources that have been found useful by Antioch Group clinicians. Each link is listed by category with a brief summary of the resources it provides.

Category Link
Alcohol/Drug Addiction  The news that your kid uses drugs or alcohol hits you like a Ton of Bricks … You are Not Alone
Alcohol/Drug Addiction  Alcoholics Anonymous
Eating Disorders Information about the The Meadows Ranch Programs for Anorexia and Bulimia
Facebook See our Facebook page
Gambling Gamblers Anonymous (GA) is designed to help compulsive gamblers stop gambling. GA is based on a 12-step recovery model. Free informational pamphlets and a list of GA meetings can be accessed on the Web or can be ordered by telephone.
Telephone: (213) 386-8789
Gambling Gam-Anon, which consists of husbands, wives, relatives, and close friends of compulsive gamblers, is designed to help participants resolve problems in their lives caused by the gambling problem. Information about Gam-Anon, as well as a list of meetings, can be accessed on the Web or can be obtained by telephone.
Telephone: (718) 352-1671
Hardiness assessment and training The Hardiness Institute
Heart-focused stress management The Heart Math Institute
Marital Relationships Marriage Builders Emotional Needs Questionnaire
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Obsessive Compulsive Foundation
Resilience The American Psychological Association provides information about psychological resilience for children and adults in this series of feature topics.
Safe Internet Use American Family Online (AFO) provides filtered Internet service. This service is highly recommended by the counselors of The Antioch Group.
Safe Internet Use Get Net Wise to learn how to make the Internet safe for you and your family.
Sex Addiction See our About Sexual Addiction page for more links related to this topic.