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Forensic Team


Psychological Assessments

Alcohol, Drug, and Sexual Addiction Assessments

Pre-divorce Comprehensive Care (Adult Divorcing Parties)

Pre-divorce Comprehensive Care (Children 4–17)

Blended Family Bonding/Adjustment

Biographical Sketches

Team Leader

Steven A. Hamon, Ph.D. — In over forty years’ clinical experience, Dr. Hamon has attained background with a wide variety of forensic psychological evaluations. A Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Hamon is board certified by examination at the Diplomate level in The American College of Forensic Examiners.

Forensic Team Members
(alphabetical order)

Michelle Baker, LCPC, CADC — Ms. Baker's experience includes working and testifying for the foster care system. She is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor who has experience with both treatment and assessments.

Marty Hanson, LCPC, DBTC — Mr. Hanson's experience includes a great deal of marriage and family therapy. He is trained and certified in family mediation. He is especially interested in working with pre- and post-divorce families and in how divorce affects children.

Abby Mitchell, LCSW — Ms. Mitchell previously worked with Drug and Mental Health Courts. In addition to her experience as an addiction assessor/counselor, Ms. Mitchell does home visit evaluations in custody cases.

Kevin Siscoe, LCPC —Dr. Siscoe is an experienced relationship counselor. His forensic experience is with divorcing or divorced couples counseling to build better cooperation.

Jonna L. Tyler, LCPC — Ms. Tyler’s experience has included leadership recognition by colleagues as president of a children’s therapy organization here in Illinois. She is an authority on children’s bonding and bond-development in newly blended families.