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Speakers Bureau

To help enrich our communities, The Antioch Group offers presentations on a wide variety of topics that include personal growth, parenting, and relationship enrichment. The following is just a sample of our many presentations. We can design any presentation to fit your needs. Call us at (309) 692-6622.

Personal Growth

Now What?! Reframing the Picture in Midcourse—Challenges people from 40–60 to consider accomplishments and apply personal resources to a new calling.

Pictures of God: Developing A Healthy Concept of God—Discussion of how our image of God develops, and how to heal from painful distorted images of God.

Spirituality: The Missing Link in Wellness—A look at how to tap into and develop some of the deepest sources of energy for personal well-being amidst life’s ups and downs.


How To Avoid Self-Sabotage—Explores the means whereby we each tend to “set our own ceilings” in our beliefs about what we can accomplish. Offers ways we can raise the personal performance ceiling.

Set Free: You Can Survive Sexual Abuse—Examines abuse trauma from a personal perspective and offers hope for adult survivors.

Depression: It’s More Than The Blues—Teaches hearers what depression is, and is not, and what can be done about it.

Overcoming Trauma and Anxiety—Informs hearers about anxiety and post-trauma problems with exciting new techniques for conquering them.


First Class Living As a Single (or Single Again) Person—A discussion of the joys and challenges of singleness, with practical suggestions for first-class living.

Prisoners of Love: How To Conquer Relationship Addiction—Learn ways to recognize and avoid destructive patterns of falling in love and caring.

Seven Secrets of Effective Family Communication For Single Parents—Details proven methods for enhancing communication with kids, friends, even “the Ex".

Starting Healthy Relationships—Learn the Triangular Model of Love, the Five Love Languages. How to communicate with the opposite sex, what attracts us to each other, and whether or not you are ready for marriage.

Resolving Conflict: Making Peace A Win-Win Option—Shows how the gentle, yet effective, skills of conflict resolution can enhance relationships of all kinds.

Getting to Know You: Preparing for a Lifetime Together—Learn the essential building blocks for a successful marriage (for couples considering marriage).

Seven Secrets of Effective Marital Communication— Tackles the age-old challenge with humor and insight.


Take Those Kids and. . . Love Them!—A touching and funny discussion of attachment and bond building with your children.

Just and Loving: Teaching Kids About God—Practical tips for this all-important privilege, including helping children heal from distorted images of God.

Just Like Jesus: Teaching Biblical Virtues To Children—Immediately applicable methods for developing character in those little characters.

Changes and Stress Management in the Family Life Cycle—Learn the family life cycle stages, the changes and developmental stages of your family, and practical stress management techniques that you can use.

Parenting the Difficult to Manage Child—This seminar helps parents understand the different reasons a child may be “difficult.” Parents will gain understanding of the different types of difficult children, and learn new parenting tools to help better equip them for this job.

Parenting Children with attention deficit disorder/attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD)—This seminar helps parents build their knowledge and understanding regarding ADD/ADHD. Parents will learn effective communication and parenting techniques useful to the child with ADD/ADHD.

Understanding Children’s Adoption Issues—This seminar helps parents gain understanding regarding the emotional process of an adopted child. Parents will leave with a better understanding of the many different emotional needs which accompany adopted children.

Parenting Children of Divorce—This seminar is geared toward helping parents gain an emotional understanding of divorce issues of children and how this affects them. Parents will develop new parenting techniques which are helpful in parenting children of divorce.

Improving Parent/Child Communication Skills—This presentation will help parents develop effective and healthy communication skills for the parent-child relationship. This training will address useful communication skills for children of all ages.