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Biofeedback: HeartMath

“As a person thinks (or holds deeply) in his/her heart, so is he/she” (i.e., his or her character)
Proverbs 23:7

Without the benefit of modern technology, the ancient Hebrews had an intuitive understanding of the heart as the seat of deeply held beliefs. Many places in scripture point to the heart as an important structure in the emotional well-being of mankind.

With the influence of modern technology, science confirms a system of neurons (intrinsic cardiac neurons) running through seven different sites in the heart, which appear to both store and transmit powerful emotional markers that fuel memories. Running from the heart to the brain, the impact of these neurons is greater than was understood in the past. The feedback from the heart plays a role in determining one’s immediate emotional state as well as the pattern of long-term emotional awareness.

As a response to such useful and cutting edge research, The Antioch Group provides a form of biofeedback called the HeartMath System, to aid our clients in coping with both short- and long-term stressors. The HeartMath System is a way to train the body and mind to respond to such elevated stressors. The higher one’s level of stress and frustration, the more potential there is for the heart to be negatively affected (heightened heart rate variability).

This system, paired with the guidance of a trained therapist, will help our clients to learn to achieve mental and emotional balance (heart coherence) which will in turn affect one’s emotional and physical well-being in the face of great stressors, increasing their internal level of control. Our trained therapists are willing and ready to help our clients begin reclaiming control of their health and emotional well-being.

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