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Caregiver/Compassion Fatigue

Care, compassion, empathy, sincerity, and selflessness. These are the traits that keep our world intact and breed healing and love. For many individuals, these important traits are a part of their everyday world in the form of their career. Although these traits are highly esteemed, they can quickly disappear if taken for granted. Like a well that runs dry when the rain ceases, so can individuals run dry if they are not seeking to be filled and refreshed. They are left in a state of spiritual, emotional, and even physical bankruptcy.

Caregivers can suffer from Compassion Fatigue, a term referring to the gradual lessening of compassion over a period of time. Many professionals are prone to Compassion Fatigue, including therapists, doctors, nurses, teachers, and others.

The following signs may be an indication of Compassion Fatigue:

Some of these misconceptions may make a caregiver more vulnerable to Compassion Fatigue:

At The Antioch Group we want to help our clients lift the weight off their shoulders, by helping them learn to invest in their personal well being. We want our clients to be more effective as caregivers and we understand that strength to give to others comes from within. Our desire is for our clients to become as effective as they can be. Prevent burnout and compassion fatigue, and reach for support today.

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