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Play Therapy

A child’s primary method of communication, interaction, and learning is through play. Play is the way in which children express themselves as well as how they see the world. It is accurate to say that play is a powerful language, both in the world and in the therapeutic process. For this reason, therapists have been integrating the power of play into therapy and counseling for many years.

Many times, a child is unable to find the words necessary to describe their life story or situation. Toys and the process of play can be a natural form of expression. During play therapy, the therapist can also develop the foundational relationship with the child that is necessary in the process of healing. Through this interaction, a therapist can assist the child in working on deficits in coping or social skills. Play therapy can be used to address a number of issues in child psychology including:

Therapists at The Antioch Group are trained in the art of play therapy for the purposes of both assessment and treatment. Our child clinic offices are child-friendly, equipped with pictures, sand trays, toys, and art supplies. Children will be encouraged to express themselves in a non-threatening manner, through the process of play. Call us today to set up an appointment with our child clinicians!

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