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Premarital Counseling

Every couple dreams of entering into a committed marriage and living happily ever after. The wedding day passes, the honeymoon ends, and the strain of life begins to set in. Unfortunately, many couples can not endure the many pressures, and one in every two marriages ends in divorce.

Premarital counseling is the preparation period before a couple says “I do”. Just as preparation is necessary before a big exam or interview, preparation can make all the difference in a marriage. Pre-marriage counseling allows couples to explore and identify the difficulties that may lie ahead on the road of marriage, teaching them skills to overcome these barriers. Premarital counseling can prepare a couple for multiple issues that may otherwise have been neglected:

At The Antioch Group our therapists are prepared to offer both guidance and assessments to couples both before and after marriage. “Happily ever after” can become reality with education and preparation. Call us to set up an appointment!

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