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Spiritual Abuse

Just as real and dangerous as physical, sexual, and emotional abuse is the trauma of spiritual abuse. Whether subtle and reserved or devastatingly apparent, it is always deliberate.

Spiritual abuse involves an individual, or a group of individuals, in authority using negative methods to gain a higher level of control. This dominating interaction usually involves manipulation, coercion, and misinterpretation of scripture in a calculated attempt by those in authority to accomplish their own personal agendas.

Many victims of spiritual abuse find themselves struggling with feelings of guilt, unworthiness, depression, inadequacy, fear, and shame. The joy and peace that had once been a part of spirituality can quickly be replaced with worry.

Therapists at The Antioch Group are both trained and experienced in dealing with issues of spirituality. We work with our clients toward revealing the positive truths about spirituality while sensitively processing the negative experiences and reaching spiritual healing.

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