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Women's Issues

Today more than ever, women are faced with an increase in societal demands, pressures, and stereotypes. In order to keep up with the expectations of the past generation and look ahead towards modern society, women have learned the art of adapting and adjusting. For some women, these ongoing demands have not been easy. Faced with the pressures of building a family, managing a career, and often juggling busy schedules—many women have allowed their own needs to be neglected.

We see women of all ages, with a variety of struggles and personal needs, at The Antioch Group. Although every woman is unique in her struggle, some of the more common problem areas facing today’s woman are:

We understand that as women, it is easy to concern ourselves with meeting the needs of others, all the while neglecting the very needs within ourselves. Our trained and experienced female therapists will walk side by side with our clients as they begin their journey toward healing. Let today be the day of new beginnings!

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